Director & Producer

Fotis Kanteres is an epidemiologist, anthropologist, writer, photographer, linguist and filmmaker who was worked and studied in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. He has conducted field research projects in Namibia (HIV/AIDS), and Guatemala on behalf of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the University of Toronto. His long- term research project in Guatemala (2005-2011) focused on malnutrition, alcohol abuse and domestic violence among Mayan K’iché in the Western Highlands; including collaboration with local and government organizations and individuals. This research has resulted in several peer reviewed scientific publications, as well as provided the basis for film projects, which lead to acceptance and guidance at the Werner Herzog Rogue Film School (Los Angeles 2012).

Musical Score

Brian Passmore is musician who has honed his craft over decades and played around the world. He has produced several music albums, and focused on music education and development for 20 years. For this film he interpreted local indigenous Mayan K'iche music, the first time such an interpretation has been produced.